A special place that surrounds a parish church


A churchyard is much more than a garden around a parish church.

It is a burial ground for parishioners, but also a place of quiet reflection and recreation, a habitat for rare plant and animal species, and the setting of the church building. Churchyards can be host to unique and ancient habitats because they often remain unchanged for hundreds of years. Churchyards are often within walking distance of local communities and can provide a focus for community involvement. Churchyards are special places because:

  • They provide a tranquil place for quiet reflection
  • They are places where people can come to remember their loved ones
  • They often contain a rich diversity of plant and animal life and can be a refuge for wildlife
  • They are important places for archaeology and history
  • They often have distinctive and veteran (very old) trees
  • The stonework and boundary walls provide a home for mosses, ferns and lichens
  • They are a resource for inspiration and community learning

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