QR Code Resource Bank
Allowing those with mobile devices to scan codes and access information

Step 1:

Choose an item of interest from the QR bank below, click on the QR code symbol and print it out. When you visit the church, remember to place the printed code in the relevant location, such as next to the font or altar.

Step 2:

Ensure your device is equipped with our offline Web App. This will enable any tablet or smartphone to access relevant information about the item of interest without the need for WiFi. Using your tablet or smartphone browser, Download it here.

Step 3:

Your tablet or smartphone will also need a QR code reader. Using your tablet or smartphone browser, download a Free app by visiting: i-nigma.mobi.

Step 4:

When you visit a church and discover a QR code, simply scan the QR code with the i-inigma app and it will open our offline Web App offline and display the relevant information about the place of interest.