Visit Practicalities for Schools
Supporting resources to help you plan and deliver your church visit

1. Choose a Date and Church

Decide upon a date and the church you would like to visit. Click on Find A Church Near You to find the most convenient or relevant church to your school. Please then contact the church to check and agree dates and times.


2. Lesson Plans and Challenges

Decide which lessons and quick challenges that you wish to use before, during and after your visit. For suggestions click on Lesson Plans and Challenges. If the lesson plans or quick challenges require QR Codes , check that the church has wifi. If not, then download our offline Web App which still enables the QR Codes to be used on your visit.


3. Risk Assessment

If possible visit the church before the day of the visit and check through the risk assessment.
Here is a model example.
Download Risk Assessment here.


4. Itinerary

Now create an itinerary for the visit.
Download Sample Itinerary here.


5. Notify the Parents

Remember to send letter to parents / carers detailing the church visit.
Download Parents' Letter here.


6. Equipment List

Finalise the visit itinerary and complete your school's educational visits health forms / nominal role etc.
Then create an equipment list for the visit.
Download Equipment List here.


Confirm arrangements with the church and enjoy the day! Please remember to evaluate your visit and upload examples of children's work to the Inspired Gallery.